Youth and Education - Homeboyz Foundation

Under Education, the Homeboyz Foundation has partnered with Microsoft to provide a readily available resource in the Tukoworks( employment portal.It has also partnered OICI International to provide customer service training.

Basic themes/courses

  • IT skills
  • Personal skills
  • Language skills
  • Business skills

In particular, we have identified the following courses for each area:

IT skills

The Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum has three levels:

  • The Basic curriculum features a course called A First Course toward Digital Literacy. This course teaches the value of computers in society and introduces you to using a mouse and the keyboard.
  • The Standard curriculum features five courses that cover computer basics; using the Internet and productivity programs; security and privacy; and digital lifestyles. These five courses are available in three versions that use examples and screenshots from different versions of Windows and Microsoft Office.
  • The Advanced curriculum features four courses that cover creating an e-mail account, creating a great resume, searching for content on the World Wide Web and social networking.

Personal Skills

  • Essential:
    • Developing your Career
  • Highly recommended:
    • Achieving Personal Success (Allison On Tukoworks)
    • Presentation Skills (Allison On Tukoworks)
    • Mind Mapping Tool – (Allison)

Language skills

  • Introduction to Business and Travel English Language Skills (Allison)

Business skills

  • Essential:
    • Build Your Business
  • Highly recommended:
    • How to Train

Customer Service Skills

The Empowered Africans for Retail Needs (EARN) curriculum focuses on the following knowledge, skills and abilities.


Here focus is laid on how to address a customer either in person or telephone and how to gather information about the customer’s needs.


Here focus is on how to explain and demonstrate products or services to customers


The focus is on how to provide an ongoing support to customers and how to expedite delivery of services or products.


Focus is on the safety and precaution procedures and use of cash registers for purchasing sales.

For more specialized trainings:

  • Building an Online Business (Allison)
  • How to Create Your First Website (Allison)
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing (Allison)
  • Call Center (Allison)