Youth and Enterpreneurship - Homeboyz Foundation

The Homeboyz Foundation views young people of today as the entrepreneurs of the future. Youth unemployment remains high not only in Kenya but the whole of sub Saharan Africa. However, the climate for youth entrepreneurs seems better than ever, particular in the knowledge sectors where young people have the advantage of low start-up costs and technology know how.


To develop a facility that will enable young men and women to turn their energy and ideas into business opportunities to increase their income and create decent work for themselves and others.

Homeboyz Foundation and key stakeholders will provide the necessary training along with incubation (mentorship) and thus prepare youth in the essential concepts necessary to sustainably run a small to medium sized business or enterprise over time.

Through Tukoworks, there is a training and incubation program for youth-led businesses will combine vocational and entrepreneurship training to a cross-section of urban youth groups, with a view of enhancing and strengthening their capacity to generate income and sustainable livelihoods through socially and environmentally sound business activities in their communities.